Embracing Vulnerability: Vibrate to your own Vibe!

“Unexpressed emotions erode your authenticity from the inside out and make it more difficult to embody your soul signature”

- Panache Desai

Photo courtesy of Young Ah Goh

Vulnerability can sometimes be associated with being weak but I see it as the complete opposite. Opening your heart takes courage and strength. Taking that emotional risk to be yourself can be your key to success and happiness because it leads you to your destiny – what your really here to do.

I see it as energy. When you’re vibrating authentically to your own, shall I say “vibe”, I truly believe answers just come to you - you somehow get drawn to the things and people you love. I always had an urge to create. I will be on autopilot dreaming up designs. I was inspired by the strangest things such as the jellyfish I saw while on the ferry going to work. I would start thinking of fabrics that mimic these creatures and think about utilizing it to design a sexy fun garment. However it took courage to listen to my heart, cease my fears and take action - to allow myself to embrace this vulnerability and nurture this delicate flower of a dream.

Have the courage to let everyone see every aspect of you. Have the conviction to stand there and revel in your glory. Love yourself enough to know that even if other people are judging you, it is only proof of insecurity within them.

Be real
Developing and maintaining meaningful relationships requires vulnerability. We should be real with others and most importantly be real with ourselves. What do you want out of life? If you trust yourself, if you are confident enough that you will raise up again when you fall, then you will not be so scared to fall.

Learn to neutralize any thoughts that threaten your confidence with the knowledge that you have of your own amazing abilities. It’s important that we all realize we are beautiful and wonderful just as we are, in our complete, authentic selves.

We are all vulnerable there is no question about that, we don’t need to learn how to become vulnerable, but on the contrary we just need to stop suppressing it. We have to let it out, to embrace it. Find your vibe, and getting it vibrating. Yes. Vibrate to your own vibe!


What Does Your Style Say About You?

'If a woman is badly dressed, it's the dress we'll notice; but if she is impeccably dressed, it's the woman herself we'll notice.'

– Coco Chanel


How do you feel about your current wardrobe? Does it reflect who you are? Rachel Zoe once said: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Whether we realize it or not, our style is the very first thing that we are putting out into the world that represents who we are. Before we say anything – before we make eye contact even, our clothes have already spoken.

I believe your style choices reveal inner secrets, personality, and frame of mind - perhaps an interplay with your subconscious and conscious mind. Each clothing choice we make reflects something about our thought process or frame of mind. So what do your clothes say about you?

As much as clothing and style can be a reflection of our mindset, it also has a profound effect on how we feel about ourselves. It can work both ways – as a reflection and as a mode of creating feelings. Have you ever slipped into a dress and just felt sexy and alive?

Psychologists have articulated the term ‘enclothed cognition’ to describe the influence of clothes on the psyche. It means that the way we look on the outside actually does affect how we carry ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. Therefore if you have an important meeting, plan your look to influence a positive confident mindset to exude this persuasive assertiveness style. Use dresses with fitted silhouettes to make you radiate confidence and determination. Style a flirty skirt when you want to feel playful and yet still be powerful and professional.

As women, we want to be our authentic selves and feel sexy and vibrant! The fun thing about fashion is the ability to have a voice and express yourself – a reflection of your true self. I love the “Liberate the Pink” Dress in LYLA JARN’s 2015 Spring/Summer Collection. It reflects who I am with the juxtaposition of an edgy quality with the femininity of the pink.  The beautiful black and white checked edgy piece is softened, ever so subtly, with our signature pleat design showcased in a beautiful pink hue. I feel so sexy with the surprise element and the uniqueness of the pleats. Not only does it reflect my personal sense of style, but it’s flexible enough to accommodate my needs – whether I am going to the office or an afternoon cocktail party. Its versatility is an even deeper reflection of my needs as a mom, business professional, and designer!

How does your wardrobe reflect you? And more importantly, how does it make you feel?



PS - How amazing does Dzeina Kruze look in that skirt? She is FIERCE! Thank you to the equally amazing photographer (@johnhongstudio), make up artist (@mandyperezmakeup), and stylist (@stylistfranzy) for the photo!


New York Fashion Week


If you didn’t hear already, LYLA JARN was at New York Fashion Week! 


It truly was a dream come true. I still haven’t completely recovered from the excitement of the whole thing. Our luxurious and feminine dresses generated much interest from the thousands of fashion industry innovators that were present. Why? Maybe it was the energizing textures and the glamorous feel that LYLA JARN encapsulates? Maybe it was my Aussie accent? Or maybe they loved my 1 year old business partner? My guess is on the unique “surprise factor” of our signature pleat.

Everyone can appreciate things that are unique and different. In the fashion industry, innovative designs are applauded. Renowned designers dedicate a whole collection to haute couture designs, of which there is no strict commercial purpose. These pieces are meant to stun and wow the crowd, much like a piece of art.

I went into my experience at fashion week wanting to incorporate a high fashion, or haute couture, element to LYLA JARN’s already sophisticated garments. During the Project SUBWAY fashion show, I chose to play up the signature LYLA JARN pleat that is featured in many of our dresses.

Inspired by my days as an Indian classical dancer, the pleating in LYLA JARN dresses is an element of surprise and beauty. I always thought the pleats in our dance costumes were a clever way to manipulate the fabric. Whether you’re spinning in circles or walking down the street, pleats move with a unique grace. I love it!

I love the pleat not only for aesthetic reasons, but I wanted it to really be a symbol of women and our individuality. Both are beautiful, layered, and sophisticated. Upon first impression, you can’t tell how long the pleat extends or how many layers there are. Only when we open up, can you really start to understand how much substance there is. There is always more to us than meets the eye.

My favourite piece displayed at Fashion Week was the LYLA JARN “Liberate the Pink” Dress. It’s not only sophisticated, but there’s an element of edginess with the juxtaposing black and white patters, and the feminine pink pleat. Of course, I love the surprise element of the pleat, and the way it fits just perfectly in all the right places.

I was SO pleased to be able to present at Fashion week. The fashion industry feels so right to me; it’s so much fun! I love that I am able to collaborate with such creative people who are reveling in their own artistic worlds. Designers, models, make-up artists, photographers… Just being around these creative and brilliant people is so inspiring and fascinating.




It’s been such a whirlwind of a week for us at LYLA JARN! We were honored to be asked to participate in the NOLCHA Fashion Week “veggie couture” challenge. The competition was for up-and-coming designers. As contestants, we were asked to construct one of kind pieces inspired by vegetables found at Subway® restaurants.


The panel of judges was chocked full of talented celebrities; from professional basketball MVP Russell Westbrook, to Nastia Liukin – Olympic Gold Medalist. Other judges included actress Bella Thorne, Entertainment Tonight host Rocsi Diaz, and celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek. It was so exciting to be able to work with them!


For the challenge, we were graded based on design creativity, originality, beauty, and the best representation of the various vegetables.


The olive was our veggie muse throughout the competition. By staying true to our aesthetics of silk and custom printed designs, our olive inspired outfit was a huge hit with the panel of judges. We created a custom olive printed silk crop top with a collared neckline. The silk skirt was designed to flirtatiously drape with the signature LYLA JARN pleat. We even were able to sneak in a wink to the judges with a subtle Subway® logo. To top off our design, a chic hat was added to symbolize a black olive, elegantly perched to complete the design.

Even though our olive design didn’t win the overall best design, we are proud to have had the opportunity to complete the challenge and be part of such an incredible experience.


NOLCHA Fashion Week is an award winning event which enables independent fashion designers to showcase their collections to a global audience of press, retailers, stylists, and industry leaders. Continuing into the seventh consecutive year, NOLCHA Fashion Week has established itself as a platform for the discovery and promotion of innovative fashion designers. The event is an officially recognized New York Fashion Week platform by New York City Economic Development Corporation. Thank you SO much for letting LYLA JARN be a part of such an amazing production! Check out our NOLCHA Fashion Week profile here.


Dancing With the Stars' Sharna Burgess Rocks a LYLA JARN Original on Good Morning America!

In case you missed it, the incredible Season 19 cast of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” was officially announced today on “Good Morning America” and as we watched, something amazing managed to catch our eye. Professional dancer (and fellow Australian) Sharna Burgess, who will be dancing alongside talk show host, Tavis Smiley this season was rocking a LYLA JARN original!

Though the pair couldn’t make it to the GMA studio in New York City, they were able to video-in from Lost Angeles, giving viewers a great, up-close look at our stunning Rainbow Smiles dress.

Amongst the list of celebs who will be joining Tavis and Sharna on the dance floor this season are actor Antonio Sabato Jr., designer Betsey Johnson, Olympian Lolo Jones and so many more talented individuals.

We’re so excited to see Sharna support the LYLA JARN brand and we can’t wait to cheer her on when “Dancing With the Stars” returns to ABC on Monday, September 15th at 8 p.m. EST.

We may not all be able to tear up a dance floor like Sharna Burgess, but you can get her look here! Then be sure to check out additional pieces from the LYLA JARN collection at our fashion lounge at Nolcha Fashion Week on September 10th and at Moda from September 14th-16th.

Sharna Burgess rocks LYLA JARN original on Good Morning America

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Do Something You Really Love

August is one of the last remaining summer months in New York! Soon the weather will change and we’ll all be stuck indoors again. Before that happens, I have a challenge for you.

Over the next few weeks of August, spend some time doing things you really love. Even if it’s a little thing, or make it a really BIG thing!

Get out there and do that thing that terrifies- yet excites you. It will feel so amazing! Even if it is just one small step, truly understand the greatness of that courage. The awareness of your passion and destiny may follow you for years, undiscovered. It happened to me.
Realize your dream and know that you are worthy of it. Sometimes a dream unexpectedly emerges from nowhere and engulfs you with one magnificent eruption. It’s so important to embrace these opportunities for happiness and evolution.
Look at your list of goals and ambitions today, and decide to embrace just one of those opportunities today. Trust me, it will feel amazing.
Feel empowered that you are living your life with your own authentic self and living out your purpose, you will feel unbelievable joy.


One of my truest passions is to engage women in the feeling of empowerment. I want you each to join me on a journey of self-discovery. We can figure all this out together while feeling confident, glamorous and luxurious.


Getting to Know YOU



We have had so many years to get to know ourselves; but do we truly understand who we are? I have come to learn that it can be difficult to differentiate between the parts of us that are true, and the parts of us that we have become due to exterior forces. Sometimes we create illusions or mold ourselves into certain roles that we believe we were made to play. Maybe these pieces of you are things that make you proud, but they might also be causing you to feel a desire for something more.

As I was moving through life, I had a realization that I needed to start listening to my heart, and learn more about myself without allowing the criticism of others to cloud my judgement and stain my spirit.

Once I was able to quiet down the noise in my mind and really listen to myself, it was really easy to see what made me happy. What makes you happy? What are you drawn to over and over again? 

Make Room For Exploration
Whether it’s through travel, or simply going outside of your comfort zone, trying new things and seeing new places enables you to learn so much about yourself. Each place I’ve been has inspired me to live my life to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to evolve.
Forget what you have been told
It’s so easy to fall into a pattern because it’s what you know. Lots of times, the things that are best for everyone else isn’t necessarily the greatest choice for us. Don’t allow people to prejudge you, because their negative thoughts are toxic. Plenty of people had lots of things to say before I became a lawyer, and even now as I progress into this exhilarating world of design. Listen to your heart and follow what it is telling you. The rest is irrelevant. 
Boost Your Confidence
Make an effort to eat healthily and exercise. Wear something that makes you shine. Set goals and accomplish them! When you are feeling your best, you will have the confidence to do things that are new and thrilling.


You might find that you are meant to do exactly what you are doing right now; or you may find that there is a yearning that you have been too scared to address. We have the ability to take control of our lives and really harvest the power within us to act on our dreams and follow them. 

You owe it to yourself to at least explore where that longing leads you. We can embrace our authentic selves and stand in our own conviction - now that is real empowerment; that is real joy; that is really exciting. 



Just Let Your Heart Speak

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken” - Oscar Wilde

As I move through life, I find that my ambitions and true desires are ever evolving.  

I’ve found myself in many exciting and diverse roles throughout my life. Each role is constantly evolving into new adventures that bring me such happiness. I’m working on so many great projects right now; and they all feed into my happiness in different ways. As I progress in life, I have recognized that there is a need to become more acquainted with my destiny. My purpose and what truly brings me joy reveals itself in new and exciting ways every day. I am still on this path of getting to know myself. It’s a path that is filled with constant surprises and continuous change.

I do know that I have had this desire to be creative, this thirst to innovate. I was always drawn to fashion design, and subconsciously, design became my outlet for self-expression. For me, designing and creating conjures up the most sincere form of happiness. I cannot wait to share it with the world. This passion came from a place which I cannot explain; is it my “heart” speaking? Is it my “purpose”?

 How do you listen to your heart?

The first step is to quiet your mind. Eliminate the clutter that has built up from a whole lifetime of other influences. I ask myself every day if I am doing something because it is what everyone else is doing, or if I am doing it because it makes me truly happy. Don’t do things because it’s what people expect.
Go with the flow. If you believe in destiny, you know that the world has an amazing way of making things happen. Don’t spend so much energy pushing back. Instead, flow gracefully with the current and embrace opportunities as they arise. For me, moving to New York was a scary (but exciting) transition. The vivacious and mysterious energy that New York is famous for has become a source of abundant inspiration; but it took a great deal of ‘letting go’ before I was able to fully embrace it. Going with the flow has been an essential part of my life adventure.
Trust yourself. Work really hard to accomplish things that feel right, and let go of things that don’t make sense to you. This journey of self-fulfillment hasn’t been easy, but it’s been really exciting! If you don’t trust yourself, who will? I encourage you to follow through with things that scare you, and trust in yourself to make great things happen.


All I know is that I have taken a step towards something great. It’s great because it feels right. But it’s also scary because it took a lot of courage to forge a new life path. This voyage from one life path to another has been inspired by so many powerful women who were brave enough to take small steps towards becoming something great.

What I’ve learned so far is valuable, and I hope to share it with you so that you can become inspired to find your passion, purpose, or destiny. Just let your heart speak.


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