Embracing Vulnerability: Vibrate to your own Vibe!

“Unexpressed emotions erode your authenticity from the inside out and make it more difficult to embody your soul signature”

- Panache Desai

Photo courtesy of Young Ah Goh

Vulnerability can sometimes be associated with being weak but I see it as the complete opposite. Opening your heart takes courage and strength. Taking that emotional risk to be yourself can be your key to success and happiness because it leads you to your destiny – what your really here to do.

I see it as energy. When you’re vibrating authentically to your own, shall I say “vibe”, I truly believe answers just come to you - you somehow get drawn to the things and people you love. I always had an urge to create. I will be on autopilot dreaming up designs. I was inspired by the strangest things such as the jellyfish I saw while on the ferry going to work. I would start thinking of fabrics that mimic these creatures and think about utilizing it to design a sexy fun garment. However it took courage to listen to my heart, cease my fears and take action - to allow myself to embrace this vulnerability and nurture this delicate flower of a dream.

Have the courage to let everyone see every aspect of you. Have the conviction to stand there and revel in your glory. Love yourself enough to know that even if other people are judging you, it is only proof of insecurity within them.

Be real
Developing and maintaining meaningful relationships requires vulnerability. We should be real with others and most importantly be real with ourselves. What do you want out of life? If you trust yourself, if you are confident enough that you will raise up again when you fall, then you will not be so scared to fall.

Learn to neutralize any thoughts that threaten your confidence with the knowledge that you have of your own amazing abilities. It’s important that we all realize we are beautiful and wonderful just as we are, in our complete, authentic selves.

We are all vulnerable there is no question about that, we don’t need to learn how to become vulnerable, but on the contrary we just need to stop suppressing it. We have to let it out, to embrace it. Find your vibe, and getting it vibrating. Yes. Vibrate to your own vibe!