New York Fashion Week


If you didn’t hear already, LYLA JARN was at New York Fashion Week! 


It truly was a dream come true. I still haven’t completely recovered from the excitement of the whole thing. Our luxurious and feminine dresses generated much interest from the thousands of fashion industry innovators that were present. Why? Maybe it was the energizing textures and the glamorous feel that LYLA JARN encapsulates? Maybe it was my Aussie accent? Or maybe they loved my 1 year old business partner? My guess is on the unique “surprise factor” of our signature pleat.

Everyone can appreciate things that are unique and different. In the fashion industry, innovative designs are applauded. Renowned designers dedicate a whole collection to haute couture designs, of which there is no strict commercial purpose. These pieces are meant to stun and wow the crowd, much like a piece of art.

I went into my experience at fashion week wanting to incorporate a high fashion, or haute couture, element to LYLA JARN’s already sophisticated garments. During the Project SUBWAY fashion show, I chose to play up the signature LYLA JARN pleat that is featured in many of our dresses.

Inspired by my days as an Indian classical dancer, the pleating in LYLA JARN dresses is an element of surprise and beauty. I always thought the pleats in our dance costumes were a clever way to manipulate the fabric. Whether you’re spinning in circles or walking down the street, pleats move with a unique grace. I love it!

I love the pleat not only for aesthetic reasons, but I wanted it to really be a symbol of women and our individuality. Both are beautiful, layered, and sophisticated. Upon first impression, you can’t tell how long the pleat extends or how many layers there are. Only when we open up, can you really start to understand how much substance there is. There is always more to us than meets the eye.

My favourite piece displayed at Fashion Week was the LYLA JARN “Liberate the Pink” Dress. It’s not only sophisticated, but there’s an element of edginess with the juxtaposing black and white patters, and the feminine pink pleat. Of course, I love the surprise element of the pleat, and the way it fits just perfectly in all the right places.

I was SO pleased to be able to present at Fashion week. The fashion industry feels so right to me; it’s so much fun! I love that I am able to collaborate with such creative people who are reveling in their own artistic worlds. Designers, models, make-up artists, photographers… Just being around these creative and brilliant people is so inspiring and fascinating.



Just Let Your Heart Speak

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken” - Oscar Wilde

As I move through life, I find that my ambitions and true desires are ever evolving.  

I’ve found myself in many exciting and diverse roles throughout my life. Each role is constantly evolving into new adventures that bring me such happiness. I’m working on so many great projects right now; and they all feed into my happiness in different ways. As I progress in life, I have recognized that there is a need to become more acquainted with my destiny. My purpose and what truly brings me joy reveals itself in new and exciting ways every day. I am still on this path of getting to know myself. It’s a path that is filled with constant surprises and continuous change.

I do know that I have had this desire to be creative, this thirst to innovate. I was always drawn to fashion design, and subconsciously, design became my outlet for self-expression. For me, designing and creating conjures up the most sincere form of happiness. I cannot wait to share it with the world. This passion came from a place which I cannot explain; is it my “heart” speaking? Is it my “purpose”?

 How do you listen to your heart?

The first step is to quiet your mind. Eliminate the clutter that has built up from a whole lifetime of other influences. I ask myself every day if I am doing something because it is what everyone else is doing, or if I am doing it because it makes me truly happy. Don’t do things because it’s what people expect.
Go with the flow. If you believe in destiny, you know that the world has an amazing way of making things happen. Don’t spend so much energy pushing back. Instead, flow gracefully with the current and embrace opportunities as they arise. For me, moving to New York was a scary (but exciting) transition. The vivacious and mysterious energy that New York is famous for has become a source of abundant inspiration; but it took a great deal of ‘letting go’ before I was able to fully embrace it. Going with the flow has been an essential part of my life adventure.
Trust yourself. Work really hard to accomplish things that feel right, and let go of things that don’t make sense to you. This journey of self-fulfillment hasn’t been easy, but it’s been really exciting! If you don’t trust yourself, who will? I encourage you to follow through with things that scare you, and trust in yourself to make great things happen.


All I know is that I have taken a step towards something great. It’s great because it feels right. But it’s also scary because it took a lot of courage to forge a new life path. This voyage from one life path to another has been inspired by so many powerful women who were brave enough to take small steps towards becoming something great.

What I’ve learned so far is valuable, and I hope to share it with you so that you can become inspired to find your passion, purpose, or destiny. Just let your heart speak.


Lyla Jarn Fashion Dress