Do Something You Really Love

August is one of the last remaining summer months in New York! Soon the weather will change and we’ll all be stuck indoors again. Before that happens, I have a challenge for you.

Over the next few weeks of August, spend some time doing things you really love. Even if it’s a little thing, or make it a really BIG thing!

Get out there and do that thing that terrifies- yet excites you. It will feel so amazing! Even if it is just one small step, truly understand the greatness of that courage. The awareness of your passion and destiny may follow you for years, undiscovered. It happened to me.
Realize your dream and know that you are worthy of it. Sometimes a dream unexpectedly emerges from nowhere and engulfs you with one magnificent eruption. It’s so important to embrace these opportunities for happiness and evolution.
Look at your list of goals and ambitions today, and decide to embrace just one of those opportunities today. Trust me, it will feel amazing.
Feel empowered that you are living your life with your own authentic self and living out your purpose, you will feel unbelievable joy.


One of my truest passions is to engage women in the feeling of empowerment. I want you each to join me on a journey of self-discovery. We can figure all this out together while feeling confident, glamorous and luxurious.