What Does Your Style Say About You?

'If a woman is badly dressed, it's the dress we'll notice; but if she is impeccably dressed, it's the woman herself we'll notice.'

– Coco Chanel


How do you feel about your current wardrobe? Does it reflect who you are? Rachel Zoe once said: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Whether we realize it or not, our style is the very first thing that we are putting out into the world that represents who we are. Before we say anything – before we make eye contact even, our clothes have already spoken.

I believe your style choices reveal inner secrets, personality, and frame of mind - perhaps an interplay with your subconscious and conscious mind. Each clothing choice we make reflects something about our thought process or frame of mind. So what do your clothes say about you?

As much as clothing and style can be a reflection of our mindset, it also has a profound effect on how we feel about ourselves. It can work both ways – as a reflection and as a mode of creating feelings. Have you ever slipped into a dress and just felt sexy and alive?

Psychologists have articulated the term ‘enclothed cognition’ to describe the influence of clothes on the psyche. It means that the way we look on the outside actually does affect how we carry ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. Therefore if you have an important meeting, plan your look to influence a positive confident mindset to exude this persuasive assertiveness style. Use dresses with fitted silhouettes to make you radiate confidence and determination. Style a flirty skirt when you want to feel playful and yet still be powerful and professional.

As women, we want to be our authentic selves and feel sexy and vibrant! The fun thing about fashion is the ability to have a voice and express yourself – a reflection of your true self. I love the “Liberate the Pink” Dress in LYLA JARN’s 2015 Spring/Summer Collection. It reflects who I am with the juxtaposition of an edgy quality with the femininity of the pink.  The beautiful black and white checked edgy piece is softened, ever so subtly, with our signature pleat design showcased in a beautiful pink hue. I feel so sexy with the surprise element and the uniqueness of the pleats. Not only does it reflect my personal sense of style, but it’s flexible enough to accommodate my needs – whether I am going to the office or an afternoon cocktail party. Its versatility is an even deeper reflection of my needs as a mom, business professional, and designer!

How does your wardrobe reflect you? And more importantly, how does it make you feel?



PS - How amazing does Dzeina Kruze look in that skirt? She is FIERCE! Thank you to the equally amazing photographer (@johnhongstudio), make up artist (@mandyperezmakeup), and stylist (@stylistfranzy) for the photo!