About Us

LYLA JARN is a brand born from the influences of powerful women around the world. Designer Jarn Ratnakumar draws inspiration from her exotic past. From Sri Lanka, to Zambia, to Australia and now residing in New York, LYLA JARN is bringing together a wealth of style, personality, and culture. We believe there is importance in understanding our unique destinies and discovering such joy by feeling confident and alluring. LYLA JARN embraces individuality and authenticity through the use of gorgeous graphic prints and playful yet sophisticated designs. Success is happiness. Invoke prosperity, feel wonderful and showcase your beauty in a LYLA JARN original.

Before pursuing a career in fashion, Jarn completed her Masters in Law and Legal Practice and has spent years in the Legal and Compliance sectors of the Financial Services industry. Today, Jarn lives with her family in New York, New York which includes her business partner and baby girl, Lyla. Jarn’s passion is to merge her life experiences and her designs to help empower women and enable them to dream creatively, increase spirtual intelligence, and reach their fullest potential; all while showcasing a flair for style.